A multi-channel system, multi-content on the YouTube video platform, Facebook and other social networking systems.

Owning the Viva Shows channel on YouTube with 1.6 million subscribers and wins the Gold Button. 

In addition, Youtube channel also includes such high view channels:

Viva Kids: | Viva Music: | Saostar: | Giọng hát Việt – The Voice: | Giọng hát Việt nhí – The Vocie Kids:  | The X Factor – Nhân tố bí ẩn etc.

Managing 40 Youtube channels of artists. 

Total number of views of Vivanetwork Youtube Channel is approximately 2 Billion views. 

Owning more than 20 websites of big shows and other linking websites, which have number of visits approximately 5M/per month/ per website at high time. 

Owning more than 30 fanpages with high interaction, such as: 

Giọng hát Việt: https://www.facebook.com/chuongtrinhgionghatviet/ Likes: 800K | Followers: 900K

Giọng hát Việt nhí: https://www.facebook.com/gionghatvietnhi/ Likes: 1,6M | Followers: 1,7M

Đẹp360: https://www.facebook.com/dep360.saostar.vn/ Likes: 1,5M | Followers: 1,6M

The Look: https://www.facebook.com/TheLookVietnamOfficial/Likes: 739K | Followers: 740K

SinhvienTV: https://www.facebook.com/sinhvientv.net/ Likes: 304K | Followers: 336K

And other fanpages. 

The total number of likes of all fanpage system is 20M, and follwers are 22M. 

Building up platforms for different fields which combine the data on websites and mobiles. They are information websites and social networks as well. The system is also equipped with system analysis tools (Big Data), which helps to gather real-time and intelligent data analysis, receiving community comments from which to provide content to adjust, navigate the balance. To test new products, revise products or deal with media crises:

Education: TRUONG VUI: For students, parents and other interested parties.

       SINH VIEN TV: For students, parents and others.

Health Sector: BENH NHAN HANH PHUC: For patients, physicians and related subjects.