Being a TV content creator and production house with special television contents. With ability to analyze market deeply, understand and always grasp the foundations, the trend of quality and modern of technology communication. Therefore, we can find the optimal solution to set up the channels (traditional and digital), along with the most effective business and marketing solutions.  

The shows have been produced on television channels as well as on digital platforms:

On HTV channel with more than 20 shows: Album Vang, Giai dieu ban be, Hoa nhip ban tre, Cuoc song quanh ta, Song lau song khoe, Ngoi nha am nhac, Tieng ca hoc duong, Du bao thoi tiet, Duyen dang Asean, Giong ca vang Asean, Nguoi dan chuong trinh truyen hinh, Ngoi sao tieng hat truyen hinh, Ngoi nha am nhac, Nhip song soi dong, Sieu thi may man, Mot phut de chien thang – Minute to ưin it, Sieu mau Viet Nam- Vietnam Super Model, Tet lam dieu hay- Chung tay don Tet – Cau truyen hinh etc.

On VTV channel with more than 20 shows: Dancing with the Stars, Got to Dance, Kid Dancing, Just the Two of Us, Bolero – Duets, The Face, The Remix, The X Factor, Sing My Song, Nation’s best voice, The Voice, The Voice Kids, Manbirth, Vietnamese Songs, Music and Friends, Sabotage, Vietnam Super Model, Fashion Star etc.

On Youtube channel: The Look, Hat Giong Tam Hon etc.